Rebel Tango I

Dance can be an act of rebellion, of defiance through celebrating beauty in motion. Rebel tango offers keys to home practice, to help free your dance so you can fully express whatever rebellious truth is in you.

Designed around accelerated learning principles, Rebel Tango I is a comprehensive guide to making the apparent complexity of Argentine Tango, not only accessible but second nature. More

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Rebel Tango I, Part One-

Starting from the literal ground up, feet to head, this section will arm you with a strong foundational understanding of the base mechanics.

What are the free leg and the standing leg? What qualities define them? How do they interact with each other? How do they relate with the core and upper body?

What is this “tango connection” thing everyone is on about and can someone apply it to the rest of their life? What makes a good Follow and a good Lead?

Rebel Tango I, Part Two-

Accelerated Learning is often a question of finding the roots of a movement or, even better a movement category. If an art is consistent to itself, as tango is, than generally there are a series of unmistakable base movements which inform the entire structure. So, defining those base movements and transforming them into simple exercises, is the quickest way to learn the art.

The Tango Spiral Matrix is the best example of a root exercise that i have ever encountered.

Rebel Tango I, Part Three-

Tango breaks open and spills her secrets when we take responsibility for our own dance. That means occupying our own axis, generating our own energy and honoring our partner through the medium of our embrace.

So, what is the Tango Embrace? Where do fluidity and strength meet in us, so we can fully and joyfully encounter each other?

How does the Tango Walk look and feel? How is it ultimately an expression of the embrace and vice versa? How can we fully occupy our axes while respecting, and by respecting improving the axes of our partner?

Rebel Tango I, Part Four-

Tango happens in one of two walking systems. Meaning, you’re either both on the same foot (right to right left to left) or on opposite feet. Learn how to make switching between systems fun, sexy and second nature.

Now put it all together to create your own dance. It’s amazing what you can invent with such seemingly simple pieces.